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  • pH Level of the Skin

    Healthy human skin has a pH of around 4.5 to 5.5, which is just slightly acidic and balanced. When the skin is within this appropriate range, the mixture of sebum, sweat and dead skin cells, form a protective film on the skin called the acid mantle. This film is a barrier that keeps your skin away from pollutants and prevents bacteria from producing and breading on your skin surface. If your skin’s pH level becomes unbalanced, it can create a suitable environment for the development of dermatitis, acne, and candida infections. View Post
  • The truth about Sunburns and Suntans

    We all know that sunburns harm the skin and can be painful as well. However, did you know that suntans are equally as bad? In fact, both sunburns and suntans are caused by ultraviolet light, from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.  There is no such thing as a healthy glow from a suntan. In fact, if you have a suntan, your skin is damaged, and you have increased your chances of developing skin cancer later! View Post
  • Summer Sun Safety for Children

    Summer is here!  The season where kids go wild and just want to have some fun in the sun. It's time for vacations, lazy days by the pool, or the beach, outdoor picnics, or other outdoor activities! While we want our kids to have the best summer and make some cherished memories, without proper sun protection, your child’s health is at risk. Children are exposed to the sun a lot more during summer, and sun safety for kids has become more important than ever due to hotter temperatures and the exposure to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays.


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