Beach Breeze Beauty

Beach Breeze Beauty

Introducing one of the most natural and skin-safe Sun and After-sun care products for 2021!

Our patent-pending, award-winning sun and after sun care line, will have you well protected from sun damage while creating a moisturizing antioxidant multipurpose line for day and night skincare. 



Beach Breeze 30+ Antioxidant Broad-Spectrum Natural Sunscreen

Mineral-based broad-spectrum sunscreen with 6% Titanium Dioxide and 6% Zinc Oxide, NPA certified natural formula, available in 3.5 fl oz tubes.

Unique non-irritating and non-allergic formula for all skin types and all ages. 


Beach Breeze Natural Daily Moisturizer

A natural and hypoallergenic mixture of organic ingredients Hemp, Argan Kernel, Safflower Seed Oil and Glycerin, available in 3.5 fl oz tubes.


Beach Breeze Beauty Sun Care On The Go Set

Beach Breeze Beauty Sun Care On The Go Set has all your natural sun and after sun care needs all packed in a small zip-close reusable bag. This on the go set features the best skincare products for sun protection and after-sun skin care.

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